deviating from the general rule
or the usual type, an irregularity.

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Client: UAL

Temporal Disjunction At The Endless Rave

Role: Research, design, curation, production.

Brief: How can a Hauntological investigation of Rave culture highlight the Neoliberal attack on Collectivity?

Response: Utilising a collected archive of nightlife photography spanning 1988-2018 - alongside selected interviews from photographers, DJs, promoters and dancers – Temporal Disjunction At The Endless Rave is a research project and artwork installation that draws attention to the importance of nightclubs and festivals as communal spaces for self expression and transformative practices.

Examining rave culture through the lens of hauntology - an interpretative philosophical concept that explicitly brings into play the question of time - the project looks at the function of archives in modern networked societies, while critiquing the impact of nostalgia driven media on cultural style. By disestablishing time as a sequence it transforms audio visual content into a looping construction that challenges our perception of linear memory.

Outcome:  Multi screen audio visual installation(supporting contextual research paper
& performance script)



We underestimate them [nightclubs]
as places of personal transformation or even as a coping method to deal
with the struggles of life.
Dancing in the dark is a human need.

Emma Warren