deviating from the general rule
or the usual type, an irregularity.

Anomalous is a creative studio, event space and collective.

Born from the challenges of independent freelance work we are a family of multidisciplinary creatives that encompass general practitioners alongside deep specialists. Our collective approach finds solutions through research, design and production. 

Anomalous Space is our home for creativity and collaboration, a flexible environment available to hire for your next shoot, workshop, presentation, meeting, pop up, film location or social event.  

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Client: Film Festival

Scream Queens

Role: Concept, direction, video production and edit.

Brief: Pitched as a film that promotes female power,
diversity and inclusivity in fashion film.

Response: Scream Queens is a short film that reveals a world where women’s anger is encouraged, a rarely captured quality within a cacophony of physicality. An anti-mainstream approach that champions tension and individual expression.

Asked to channel their deepest angers into a visual or audio output, the film features a diverse cast of women aged 12 to 54 years old, including actress Amrita Acharia (Game of Thrones), dancer and actress Eva Magyar (X-Men, Monte Carlo), TV presenter and artist Sophie Morgan, European Tang Soo Do Grand champion Ellie Jennings, actress, model and musician Sheila Atim and actresses Nanou Harry, Hermon Berhane, Eva March and Yasmine Yaghi.
Screened at Berlin Feminist Film Week, Grand Rapids Feminist Film Festival, Independent Days Filmfest and Walthamstow International Film Festival.