deviating from the general rule
or the usual type, an irregularity.

Anomalous is a creative studio, event space and collective.

Born from the challenges of independent freelance work we are a family of multidisciplinary creatives that encompass general practitioners alongside deep specialists. Our collective approach finds solutions through research, design and production. 

Anomalous Space is our home for creativity and collaboration, a flexible environment available to hire for your next shoot, workshop, presentation, meeting, pop up, film location or social event.  

We are Anomalous. Are you?


Zeb Achonu


Zeb is a freelance film and TV editor. With over twenty years experience in the broadcast industry, she has worked across various genres but has a focus in documentary and drama. Zeb also sits on the Board of Directors for Women in Film & TV and is an Associate Governor of the British Film Editors guild, while also regularly speaking on panels about post production, diversity and parenting.